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Thunderbolt Pose

The only yoga asana advised to practice after eating to improve digestion. Simply sit in silence for 5 minutes after a heavy meal.

Vajrasana Thunderbolt Pose with Kunal

Vajrasana Thunderbolt Pose with Kunal

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  1. Sit on the flat floor in Dandasana or fold your both legs and place your feet under the hips. (Both heels are protruding outwards and the toes are touching your hips, in this position the thumbs of both toes should be touching each other)

  2. Keep your spine and head erect with closed eyes.

  3. Your knees should be touching each other.

  4. Keep your right palm on right knee and left palm on left knee.

  5. After that inhale slowly and exhale slowly by both nostrils. (Normal breathing).

  6. When you breathe out try to assume that all your disorders are coming out from your nostrils.

  7. In the beginning, try to practice Vajrasana for 5 minutes after lunch or dinner. Once you are used to it increases the time of asana about 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

  1. It is the best Asana for meditation and concentration.

  2. Helps in keeping the mind stable and calm.

  3. Cures indigestion, acidity, gas formation and constipation, increases digestion process.

  4. Those people who are suffering from gas problems can practice immediately after lunch or dinner.

  5. Helps in back pain.

  6. Very beneficial in stomach disorders.

  7. Beneficial in urinary problems.

  8. Strengthens the sexual organs.

  9. Helps to reduce obesity.

  10. Gives Strength to the thigh muscles.

  11. Useful for arthritis patients.

  12. Relieving pain in the knees.


Those people who are suffering from severe joint pain or knee injury should not try this asana

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