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Seated Spinal Twist Variation

  1. Sit in a crouching position with knees bent.

  2. Twist your waist, neck, and shoulders towards the right, and set your gaze over your right shoulder. Make sure your spine is erect.

  3. There are many ways you can place your arms to increase and decrease the stretch.

  4. Hold the pose for a few seconds, about 30 to 60 as you breathe slowly, yet deeply.

  5. Exhale and release the right hand, and then the waist, chest, and finally the neck. Relax as you sit straight.

  6. Repeat the steps on the other side, and then exhale and come back to the front.


  1. Tones the spinal nerves, stretches back muscles and contracts the abdomen at the same time.

  2. Gives relief in lumbago and reduces muscle spasms and cramps.

  3. Beneficial for people suffering from asthma or other respiratory diseases.

  4. Massages and improves the functioning of abdominal organs, especially toning the liver, pancreas and the kidneys.

  5. Alleviates digestive and gastric problems. Stimulates appetite.

  6. Regulates adrenaline in the body by balancing the secretions of the adrenal

  7. Useful in getting rid of obesity as the regular practice of this asana removes excess body fat.

  1. Practice Half Spinal Twist in the presence of a competent yoga trainer if you suffer from a hernia, heart disease, ulcer or

  2. Avoid practicing Ardha Matsyendrasana in case of sciatica or slipped disc.

  3. This pose is not recommended to be practiced by pregnant women.

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