Teaching people the path to true happiness...
To live in the state of Yoga.  Always.

The people you see below are true Yogis - people who have dedicated themselves to spreading the knowledge of Raja Yoga and teaching the authentic practice of Hatha Yoga as it has existed for thousands of years.  Our team of sevaks not only teach but personally strive to live every day as a Yogi, serving others selflessly with sincerity and compassion.  The life-changing benefits of Yoga that transformed their lives are now being imparted on others through their commitment and effort.


Our collective goal is to teach people how to live in harmony and happiness and how to remain in optimal health throughout life, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Amita Jain, AD, CYT

Founder, Director
Doctor of Ayurveda
Certified Yoga Teacher

Amita has been teaching for over 20 years in the DC and NYC areas and is the founder of Vedic Health.  She guides students to optimal health and lasting inner peace.

Ramdas Jadhav

Membership Director
Kids Yoga Instructor

Ramdas has been with Vedic Yoga since the beginning and is a founding member.  An expert Yogi, he teaches Kids Yoga and manages new programs and membership.

Dinesh Jain

Program Manager

Dinesh has been practicing yoga for many years and has gained mastery over asanas. He teaches the Surya Namaskar class and helps manage new classes and services.

Darin Somma

Hatha Yoga Instructor

Hamsa Balaji

Hatha Yoga Instructor

Darin is a certified yoga therapist who has been teaching for over 20 years. He has a special gift of bringing together east and west for a holistic approach to practice.

Hamsa completed 200-hr Prana Flow Yoga training at Ananda Shala in Frederick, and performed professionally as an Indian classical dancer in Bharatnatyam tradition.

Anita Kulkarni

Assistant Instructor

Anita is incredibly passionate and committed to her yoga practice and helping to teach others.  She assists the teachers in several classes and frequently demonstrates asanas.

Geeta Daniel

Assistant Instructor

Geeta has found yoga to become her way of life. She has imbibed the teachings whole-heartedly and is dedicated to spreading the practice of traditional hatha yoga to others.

Ramah Muralidharan

Assistant Instructor

As a long time yoga practitioner, Ramah looks at yoga teaching as a way of enhancing students' lives through its healing benefits. She is currently enrolled in teacher training.

Deepa Krishnan

Assistant Instructor

Deepa, a devout yogini and spiritual aspirant, has a mission to help the elderly heal themselves with the practice of gentle yoga. She guides on how to gain strength and balance.

Balaji Ramakrishnan

Assistant Instructor

Balaji has been teaching classes for several years and likes to bring a challenge to classes by guiding students to reach their limits, and go beyond.

Congratulations to our new teachers for 2020 !

If you'd like to join our team of instructors and assistant teachers, giving the gift of yoga in your community, please let us know.

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"Give. Love. Serve."
--Swami Chinmayananda

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