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The Yogi's Diet

A successful yoga practice equates to balance, consistency and rhythm in life.  A proper yogic diet is essential to that.  One can practice asana and pranayama daily, even meditate for hours, however a poor diet can quickly deflate the benefits of one's sadhana.  It is important to maintain the right diet and abide by yogic guidelines for eating to attain the true benefits of your practice.  Below you will find this information and be able to determine your body type and the corresponding diet for optimal health according to yoga and ayurveda.

amita jain yoga
yoga with amita jain

Yogic Eating

The yogic diet is about what you eat and how you eat.  Here you will learn how the yogi eats to obtain optimal health, energy, and vitality.

Yogic Diet

The yogi is always conscious about what s/he puts in his body.  Every meal is eaten for the purpose of giving the best nutrients and fuel to keep the yogi body clean and healthy.

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