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Health and Strength & How Do We Measure ?

Health & Strength

Definition of good health

  • A good health is that state in which one sleeps well, has good digestion, is free from all kinds of disease – physical or mental.

  • He has a cool and balanced head on his shoulders.

  • His heart, lungs, brain, liver, kidneys, digestive organs work in perfect harmony and discharge their functions satisfactorily.

  • The pulse rate and the rate of respiration are in order.

  • The body temperature is normal.

  • She is cheerful and happy.

  • She discharges her daily duties with ease and comfort.

  • He is capable of doing his work with full concentration and for a long time without getting tired or showing any signs of fatigue.

  • His bowels move very freely every day.

How Do You Measure Good Strength

  • Some can run a long distance easily.

  • Some can lift heavy weights.

  • Some can bear heat and cold to a huge extent.

  • Some can bear the pain that others are unable to.

  • Some can fast for days together without ill-effects.

  • Some people can stop a car or break strong chains.

  • Some can swim for a long distance.

Is it the only way to measure strength?

The people with all these varied strengths may not have the mental strength. One harsh word can upset their balance of mind. Some may be afraid of public criticism. Mentally weak people will avoid stepping out of their comfort zone. They will give up without putting up any resistance or fight.

He who possesses physical, mental, moral, and spiritual strength is a Yogi.

The Real Strength Of A Human

Moral strength is superior to physical strength. And spiritual power is the highest power on the earth. A Yogi who possesses spiritual power can move the whole world. He radiates joy, strength, and vigor wherever he moves. She is endowed with a luminous glow in her face and eyes.

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