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Fruits, Best Sattvic Food – A Yogi’s Preferred Diet

Fruits constitute the most important part of a Yogi’s diet. Most of them are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6 and other Vitamins. They act as appetizers, laxatives and even help in weight management and control of blood sugar levels, LDL etc. A yoga aspirant will be able to keep his mind filled with the sattvic thoughts and will be able to meditate and achieve his goal by the fruit diet. The curative effects of many fresh fruits and their juices are astonishing. Such juices have the ability to throw out the morbid materials and cleanse the tissues of the different systems of the body to function properly. They supply and fill the body with vitalizing and life-giving minerals such as salt, potassium, manganese, sodium, calcium etc.

Dr. J. H. Kellogg says: “Fruit juices contain vitamins and food minerals especially iron and lime, which are indispensable in many body processes and which need to be given in great abundance under the conditions present in disease. When the body is struggling under conditions which cripple its functions such as overworked liver and kidneys especially, a large intake of vitamins in the form of grape juice or other fruit juice will invigorate the curative forces of the body and produce effects which are unapproachable by even the most powerful drugs.”

Orange, an appetizer, blood purifier & vitamin rich yogi’s diet:

Orange is a blood purifier. It invigorates, energizes and tones up the entire system of the body. It is rich in vitamin C. It also has a good content of vitamin A and vitamin B. It acts as a good appetizer. It possesses antiscorbutic properties. It cures scurvy. It is useful in anemia. It promotes growth and prevents rickets. It cures constipation. It improves concentration and helps a yogi to reach into higher realms of meditation. It is, therefore, a very important and regular part of a Yogi’s diet. Swami Sivananda advised his disciples to live on orange juice for a fortnight and asked to practice vigorous meditation. In the treatment of lumbago, the patient is put on a diet of orange alone. The uric acid deposited and accumulated in the system is eliminated by this diet.

Banana, a laxative, potassium and calcium rich yogi’s diet:

Banana contains vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and also vitamin D. one can live on milk and banana alone. Banana promotes growth, augment vigor and add flesh to the body. Banana is very nutritious fruit. Banana acts as a laxative. The intake of a banana at night will allow the free movement of bowels in the morning. They promote growth, augment vigor and add flesh to the body. Banana is loaded with a lot of essential minerals such as potassium, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, B6 etc. These all contribute to the proper functioning of the body and thus maintaining a great health. The high content of potassium in bananas makes it a top fruit.

Pomegranates, antioxidant rich yogi’s diet protect from Cancer, Heart Attack & Arthritis:

Pomegranates are among the healthiest fruits. They are very invigorating and have a cooling effect. They provide strength to the body. Its juice is highly refreshing and toning. Juice of this fruit energizes the bodily systems very quickly. Pomegranates are high in antioxidants and also in other compounds that do help prevent diseases including cancer. It lowers the risk of heart attack. Regular intake of pomegranate helps lower blood pressure levels, help in arthritis. They improve memory power of elderly people.

Guava, Rich In Vitamins C, Fibre Content Yogi’s Diet, Regulates Blood Sugar Levels and Metabolism:

Guava have a very rich content of Vitamin C. The vitamin C help greatly in improving the immunity against various infections. Guava has one of the best antioxidant properties which neutralizes free radicals generated in the body, preventing the growth of cancer cells. Guava has a rich fiber content which helps in digestion and ensures that the blood sugar levels are well regulated. Guava improves the potassium and sodium balance of the body, thereby regulating the blood pressure levels of the patients with hypertension. It helps in lowering the levels of triglyceride and LDL which in turn is helpful to prevent heart ailment. As the fruit is rich in Vitamin A, it is very useful in improving eyesight. Guava Is a fruit which regulates the metabolism and also helps control the weight of the body.

Mango, Rich In Vitamin A and B6, Rich in Iron; Protect from Cancer & heart diseases:

Mangoes contain phenolic and carotenoid compounds which help in protection from several types of cancer. They also contain sugar and highly refined turpentine in them. Vitamin A present in mango is good for eyesight. Vitamin B6 present in Mangoes helps control homocysteine in the blood which otherwise can be harmful for heart disease and cause stroke. The soluble fiber in mangoes slows down the release of sugar into the blood. They are good for bone health and naturally treat anemia as they are high in iron content. Mangoes and milk form a wonderful combination.

Apple, Good for Metabolic Rate, Weight Management and Type 2 Diabetes:

Apple is a very nutritious fruit. The proverb is “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apple and cream is a very good combination in case of high blood pressure. Antioxidants present in apple improve the metabolic balance and slow the rate at which sugar is absorbed in the body. This property of apple is very effective for patients suffering from diabetes. Such patients are able to keep their blood sugar spike in check. The regular intake of apple lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Apple contains Pectin fiber which is great for digestion, helps pushes the stool through the intestine, and is good for weight management. It also helps reduce the risk of hardening of arteries, damaging heart muscles, and blood vessels. Apple plays a great role in strengthening bones. Apple is good for the brain. It is good for improving memory power. Apple is good for improving the health of the gums.

Papaya, Highly Nutritious, Rich in Fibre, Good for Digestion, Heart Ailments & Inflammation :

Papaya is highly nutritious. It protects against a lot of health conditions. Papaya is high in fiber and water content, and as such is helpful in digestion and in preventing constipation. Papaya is very good in protecting against heart diseases. As stated above, it is always good to have an increase in potassium intake and decrease in sodium intake in diets, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Papaya assists in the absorption of fat and reduces inflammation. Because of the presence of Vitamin A in it, Papaya is good fruit for the health of hairs and keep them moisturized. The antioxidants present in Papaya are always good to reduce the risk of cancer. The Papaya is high in fiber content and as such is very good for type 1 diabetic patients. Papaya is also good for bone health. The antioxidants presence in Papaya can help skin to recover from sun damage and defend skin against wrinkling.

Here, description of only a few of the fruits has been given. The list is large. The above-described fruits are most common in India and also common in use.

All fruit diet is the finest eliminating medium. The body becomes light when one lives on fruits alone. Tamas is destroyed in such case. The sleep too can be conquered if one lives on the fruit diet alone. The people who live on fruit diet alone will experience an inexpressible joy or bliss. They will feel so light as if there is no body weight. In the beginning, one can feel the weakness, but after some time, the feeling of weakness will vanish. The all fruit diet can be carried for two weeks or more with ease by most people. When all the treatments fail in the treatment of chronic disease, an all fruit diet can work wonders. Fruits exercise a soothing effect on the mind and subdue passion.

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