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For those who are ready to advance in their asana practice, enroll here to take it to the next level.  Difficult and challenging asanas will be taught in a safe and proper way.  Class is two hours of continuous movement including Surya Namaskar with advanced variations and intense asana practice, followed by self-guided yoga nidra.  Some yoga props may be required. 


This class meets once a month.  (10 live classes with Instructor and 2 pre-recorded classes)


Students must complete one year in the All Levels class and demonstrate ability to perform the basic asanas.  Approval from instructor required.   Enroll here and if not accepted, your payment will be refunded.


Certified Yoga Instructor:  Amita Jain, AD, CYT



  • 2-hour yoga classes with guided instruction on how to perform various advanced asanas
  • In-studio monthly yoga class with Amita - per schedule
  • Online monthly yoga class - practice any time from any device
  • Access to previous two class videos so you never miss a class
  • Download your favorite videos for unlimited viewing upon request

Hatha Yoga Level II - Advanced

Price Options
Yoga Advanced Class
$20.00every month until canceled
  • Cancel at any time.  No refunds once monthly payment is made.

  • Vedic Health Inc is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization - your payments toward class fees, consultations, subscriptions, etc are all tax-deductible.  Retain your electronic receipts.

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