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In-Studio Classes



A typical community class led by Amita Jain.


How to Attend a Studio Class (in person)

Vedic Yoga Studio (small class size):  11007 Chandler Rd, Potomac, MD  (private residence)

Park on driveway when possible.  Enter the studio from the garage side stairwell going down to the lower level. 

Community Studio (large class size):  Travilah Elementary School, 13801 Dufief Mill Rd, Rockville, MD 


1.  Ensure that you have signed up for an in-studio class via membership, registration or by informing us in advance.  Space is limited.

2.  Arrive a few minutes early at the studio to secure a spot.  (Premium Members have reserved spots.)

3.  Bring yoga mat, water bottle, and any yoga props you may have. Wear comfortable yoga clothes and tie hair back. 

4. Come to class on a fairly empty stomach.

5. Classes are recorded and will be available to view if you miss a class.

6. To confirm a class is on, text Ramdas at 240-426-2524, or request to join our WhatsApp group.

Check the schedule for studio location and times.

All private one-on-one yoga lessons are held at the Vedic Health Center in Rockville.

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